7 natural ways to lower creatinine levels

7 natural ways to lower creatinine levels

The body produces creatinine to provide energy to the muscles. Creatinine is the remaining chemical waste the body eliminates after utilization. The bloodstream carries the waste creatinine to one’s kidneys which are responsible for processing and excreting it. A blood or urine test that indicates high creatinine levels may indicate issues with kidney function. Here are some causes and symptoms of high creatinine levels and natural ways to lower them.

What is the normal creatinine level?
The normal creatinine range for men is 0.7 to 1.3 mg/dL, whereas, for women, it ranges from 0.6 to 1.1 mg/dL. Women usually have lower creatinine levels than men since they have less muscular mass, although the range may vary as per one’s age. Alternatively, a high creatinine level may indicate kidney damage, kidney failure, infection, dehydration, blocked urinary tract, hampered blood flow to kidneys, or a muscle breakdown.

Signs of high creatinine levels
The symptoms of high creatinine in one’s body can manifest rapidly. If the levels are impacted by kidney dysfunction, one may look for signs like fever, chills, nausea, or vomiting. One may also experience pain while urinating and notice changes like dark, cloudy, foamy, bloody, or bad-smelling urine. One may also feel confused, weak, or short of breath and find sleeping difficult.
Some autoimmune diseases like lupus, high blood pressure, or diabetes can also lead to impaired kidney function and high creatinine levels. Some common diabetic symptoms may include feeling unnaturally thirsty, frequent urination, fatigue, or blurry vision. In chronic kidney failure, one may experience fluid retention, muscle cramping, chest pain, irregular heart rate, or fatigue.

Causes and diagnosis
The first step to diagnosing high creatinine levels in one’s body is to take a blood test and urine samples within 24 hours. Depending on the test results, a healthcare professional determine the cause of one’s high creatinine levels. The cause may be a kidney infection, high blood pressure, or lifestyle changes. A doctor may recommend changing food habits and suitable oral therapies in case of a temporary hike due to a lifestyle switch. In extreme cases, a doctor may recommend dialysis. The dialysis process involves flushing out waste products and toxins from the kidneys to improve their function. Dialysis is usually done if the kidney function falls below 15% or the creatinine levels exceed 5.0 mg/dL.

Seven natural ways to bring down creatinine levels
Here are some natural ways and foods to eat to lower creatinine levels:

Cutting down on protein-rich foods
Protein boosts creatine production and builds up more creatinine in the body. So, it’s best to cut down on foods like red meat, eggs, muscle-building protein powder, milk, and other dairy products. Opting for soups, fresh juices, vegetable patties, and other low-protein foods can help normalize creatinine levels.

Drinking adequate water
Dehydration spikes creatinine levels. So, drinking enough water can help the kidneys to flush out toxins like creatinine effectively.

Eating more fiber-rich foods
The soluble fiber in foods like fruits, whole grains, vegetables, and legumes may help the body balance creatinine levels. Fiber absorbs the water in the intestines, softens stool, and helps to eliminate toxins and chemical waste from the body smoothly.

Limiting salt intake
Sodium is used in packaged foods to increase their shelf life. Excessive sodium intake can shoot up one’s creatinine levels and invite other health problems like fluid retention and high blood pressure. So, avoiding salty foods like processed meats, canned or frozen foods, and sauces is recommended.

Getting enough sleep
The quality of one’s sleep directly impacts kidney health. Interrupted sleep or resting fewer than 6 hours daily may hamper kidney function and boost creatinine levels. One can enhance the quality of one’s sleep by cutting back on caffeine at least six hours before bedtime. Additionally, one can reduce screen time an hour before sleep, take Epsom salt warm bath, and practice meditation and journaling. One can also talk to a doctor to determine an ideal bedtime routine to maximize one’s resting hours.

Drinking herbal teas
There isn’t much research that associates herbal tea with reduced creatinine levels. But herbal teas are rich in nutrients and antioxidants that may boost kidney function. For example, chamomile tea is high in antioxidants, and dandelion leaf extract is rich in potassium, which can improve kidney health. The teas also help in relaxing and improving sleep quality. So it’s best to consult a healthcare professional before opting for one.

Reducing intense exercise
High-intensity workouts, gymming, and weight lifting can spike creatinine levels in one’s bloodstream. One can instead go for lighter exercises like walking, jogging, yoga, or indoor cycling.

Treatment options for high creatinine levels
The condition may lead to more health complications if left untreated or ignored. If one experiences any symptoms, it’s best to consult a healthcare professional and get a suitable treatment plan.

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