A guide to selling junk cars in the country

A guide to selling junk cars in the country

Do you have a junk car that’s particularly of no use? A junk car can be a liability in your garage, and most often, it can stay unused for years if the owner is not sure how to get rid of it in the best possible manner. But do you know you can sell junk cars and make some money too? If you weren’t aware, here are some important tips on selling junk cars.

Do the paperwork

Make sure you have the documents of the car in place. The car’s title is your legal documentation that proves that the car legally belongs to you. Before selling junk cars, you also need to be aware of the legalities involved. As the car owner, you should follow the specific rules of the state for selling your car to junk car buyers. This is because sometimes, the applicable rules for selling a junk car vary in different states. If your car is already a salvaged one, you need to check your state’s regulation for that as well. Furthermore, there could be other paperwork associated with the process, specifically for junk cars. Check whether your junk car buyer has clerks to assist you with the necessary paperwork.

Give it a fix

If your junk car is in good condition, it increases your chance of getting a decent or above-decent quote. If you think you can improve the car’s condition with some minimal changes, then you should surely consider doing it as this will help you get better prospects and your junk car will be more presentable. However, this doesn’t mean you should spend a lot of money changing every aspect of your junk car. Maybe a freshener to make it smell better, a little bit of dusting here and there, and whatever you can do for a ‘minimal’ upgrade!

Find a reputed junk car dealer

You need to find junk car dealers who offer a fair deal, are licensed, insured, and are known for decent customer service. Some people think it’s difficult to find junk car buyers who fit the above criteria. All you need to do is initiate a search on the internet, and you will have all the dealers who are near you and even the ones that are far away. Check out the credibility through reviews, or you can also ask around to know about the details of the junk car dealers near you. This will help sort out the junk car dealers you should stay away from and the ones that can be approached. Apart from this, you can also put up advertisements, and you’ll have people approaching you in no time.

If you are going forward with advertisements, you may want to use your voicemail so that you can manage the overwhelming response you might receive!

Stay informed about your vehicle

During the sale process, one important factor to be kept in mind is the information about your vehicle. All your prospects and junk car dealers will require details such as:

  • Car title
  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • Mileage
  • Body condition
  • Engine condition
  • Exterior or interior damage.

Collecting this information will give you an idea about the price of your junk car, and you will get an estimate based on this, especially after considering the extent of the damage.

Most often, your prospect or the dealer will buy the junk car as there will also be parts of your vehicle that are still reusable. The weight and completeness of the junk car, however, are also important factors that determine the price of your car.

Notify the DMV and insurance provider

This is an important aspect of selling junk cars in the country. Once the junk car has been sold, traded, or even donated, you must inform the Department of Motor and Vehicle. This can be done either online, on the phone, or by visiting the DMV office.

The insurance company should also be notified if needed, and you must also not forget to remove the number plate from the vehicle.

These are some of the things to be kept in mind while selling your car to junk car buyers. It can seem quite time-consuming, but with the assistance of the information given above, you can easily find a solution for that unused junk car.

However, you must also know that the time taken for the entire process can vary, and with a little patience, you will surely find the best price that is worth all the hassle!


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